Our Work

Events for the local LGBTQ community

The events we organize are part of our mission to create a local queer culture. Since 2017, we have tried to create safe spaces for the development, inclusion and acceptance of the LGBTQ community of Iași. From queer parties, film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, to awareness campaigns and solidarity with other causes, we manage to bring together people both from the queer community in Iași and allies in the community. We always enjoy meeting new people!

LGBTQ support group

The support group for LGBTQ people in Iași is called Courage and meets once a month. The group format is peer-to-peer, meaning that group participants support each other in a safe space where they feel accepted and understood.

The group is facilitated by Ioana Ilie, resident doctor and psychotherapist in training. To ensure the smooth functioning of the group, it is limited to 12 places and only people 18 years and older can participate. If someone announces their permanent withdrawal from the group, then the spot will open for a new person.

How can I join the group?

You can contact us at anytime at info@riseout.ro, and we'll let you know if there's an open spot for you to join the group.

Organizing for Change (2020-2022)

HIV rates among MSM and transgender people, grouped together by surveillance authorities, have constantly been on the rise. Data from the Matei Balș National Institute shows that MSM infection rates have more than doubled in the past decade (from 9.6% in 2009 to 24% in 2019). This serious situation has been caused by a lack of public will, vision and foresight in planning actions tackling HIV while addressing the needs of at-risk and marginalized communities. The root of the problem stems from a lack of political accountability, coupled with high rates of homophobia and the disregard for marginalized groups at the institutional level.

Consult the documents produced within the project:

  1. Ghid metodologic pentru înțelegerea nevoilor persoanelor care trăiesc cu HIV și îmbunătățirea serviciilor dedicate acestora
  2. Situația HIV/SIDA în România: Înțelegerea provocărilor întâmpinate de persoanele care trăiesc cu HIV în accesarea serviciilor de sănătate, a cadrului juridic și a programelor de prevenire (Cercetare sociologică și juridică)

“Organizing for Change” aimed to build a renewed commitment towards combating HIV/AIDS by investing in advocacy, community mobilization and preparedness, and support for the treatment and wellbeing of MSM, TG, sex workers and HIV+ people. This commitment will be actualized by the adoption of a key policy document – a national HIV framework.

“Organizing for Change” was a project financed by the Elton John AIDS Foundation..