Support Group

The support group is a safe space for people from the community who want a support system, from specialists or from the other participants, like people who are going through similar life experiences.

LGBTI-friendly Specialists

We created a database of LGBTI-friendly specialists, that people from the LGBTQI community of Iași and the region of Moldova can contact when they need someone they can trust.


Get tested for free for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C at Checkpoint ARAS Iași, a testing center exclusively dedicated to men who have sex with men, and trans people.

Come to Iași Pride!


De ce suntem mândri?

Luna mândriei (en. pride) în care sărbătorim comunitatea LGBT (lesbiene, gay, bisexuali, persoane transgender) a luat sfârșit odată cu încheierea lui iunie, însă noi trebuie să rămânem mândri și pregătiți să ne argumentăm existența tot Read more…

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